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Ispat Alloys & Tube Industries: A company without borders 

Ispat Alloys & Tube Industries is a leading company worldwide, in the business of the suppliers of silicon and ferro-alloys, our flagship products are Monel, Hastelloy and Filler Wires, in their different denominations. Ispat Alloys & Tube Industries is located in the Republic of India. We are Monel Suppliers, Hastelloy Suppliers & Filler Wire Suppliers  & Exporters supplying premium quality material of Monel, Hastelloy, Filler Wires & Welding Electrodes.

Monel Rods

Suppliers of Monel 400 Rods, Monel K500 rods exporters, Monel R405 rods suppliers

Monel Rods

Suppliers of Monel 400 Round bars, Monel K500 round bars exporters, Monel R405 round bars suppliers

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Hastelloy Sheets/Plates

Suppliers of Hastelloy C22 Sheets, Hastelloy C276 sheets exporters, Hastelloy X sheets suppliers

Hastelloy Sheets/Plates

Suppliers of Hastelloy C22 Plates, Hastelloy C276 Plates exporters, Hastelloy X Plates suppliers

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Filler Wires

Suppliers of Stainless Steel Filler Wires, 904LFiller Wire exporters, ERCuNi Filler Wires suppliers

Filler Wires

Suppliers of Titanium Alloys ER Ti-5 Filler wires, Duplex & Super Duplex ER-2594 Filler Wires exporters, ERNiCrMo-3 Filler Wires suppliers

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Welding Electrodes

Suppliers of Stainless Steel E307-16 Welding Electrodes, E309MOL 16 Exporters, E347 16 Welding Electrodes Suppliers

Welding Electrodes

Suppliers of Cobalt Base SAlloy ECoCr-A Welding Electrodes, Super Duplex E2209-16 Welding Electrode Exporters, Welding Electrodes Suppliers

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High Nickel Alloys: Monel, Hastelloy and Filler Wires

Monel Suppliers

We are Monel suppliers and Monel Exporters. The Monel is a commercial alloy of nickel, that has great resistance to multiple agents such the sulphuric acid, brine, water, corrosion, impact and others, much greater that than copper and nickel. This is why it is frequently used in heat exchangers, in the optical industry for roads, bridges and front lenses, in aerospace, marine, musical and oil sector. We are monel 400 rods suppliers, monel pipes suppliers, monel tubes suppliers, monel k500 suppliers, monel 400 rods exporters in India.

Hastelloy Suppliers

Do you need Hastelloy suppliers for your industry? Then you can choose us, we are Hastelloy suppliers of the best quality.

The Hastelloy is another of our main products. This name is used to name more than twenty different alloys, they are highly resistant to corrosion, and is considered as super-alloys or high performance alloy, among its most outstanding features, it´s found resistance to corrosion, to uniform attack, to the breakage by tension, to corrosive acids such as sulphuric, nitric, hydrochloric, hydrochloric and chromic acids, besides having a facility for welding and fabrications.

It is used in many industries or processors, such as the chemical processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, fossil fuel refineries, the maritime and shipbuilding industry, the aerospace industry, among others.

We are Hastelloy suppliers, Hastelloy c22 suppliers, hastelloy c22 pipes suppliers, hastelloy c276 suppliers, hastelloy plates suppliers, hastelloy c276 pipes suppliers, hastelloy x suppliers, hastelloy c22 tubes suppliers, hastelloy c276 tubes suppliers, hastelloy suppliers in India.

Filler Wires Suppliers

Filler Wires is a mechanical type of cable, composed of a set of steel wires or iron wires, which are wound in a helical form in one or more layers, around the central wire, giving a spiral shape to the cable. There are numerous types in the market: the spirals, the normal ones, the same step, anti-rotation, guardians, blueprints, semi-closed and closed.

The application of this material has many possibilities that range from a use in the security, in lifelines to decorative, in railings and networks, going by architectural applications.

The importance what has meant for the world over the years this sector of extraction and processing of mineral, is amazing! Since the mining and metal activity was born with man and later it was the object of study and experimentation by the great alchemists of at the time, who were worried in perfecting this branch, and currently is necessary for any industrial complex, in the search to satisfy all collective needs.

We are filler wires suppliers, stainless steel filler wires, stainless steel filler wires suppliers in India.


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The team of High Nickel Alloys is daily working to increase the production of Monel, Hastelloy, Filler Wires, Welding Electrodes with added value, such the nickel, the low and medium silicon, low in phosphorus, medium carbon and high in chromium, among others.

Our main raw material are High Nickel Alloys, we work to process high quality alloys, for our clients, this transition metal is a very demanded in the world market,  due to its multiple utilities in the industry sector. We work for industry: pharmaceutical, food, industrial, oil, and many more.

We are the favorite of the market for our quality and cordiality!

We work and improve continuously and so do our products :

Hastelloy Suppliers Exporters in India
Welding Electrodes Suppliers Exporters in India
Monel Suppliers Exporters in India
FILLER WIRES Suppliers Exporters in India

Our Core Values

We are one of the best Monel suppliers , Hastelloy suppliers, Filler Wire suppliers, Welding Electrodes suppliers,  exporters and stockists of High Nickel Alloys  worldwide. We are a company with a social and sustainable vision.

Our Clients Say

“High Nickel Alloys is the leading monel suppliers & most trusted exporter of Hastelloy. It Provides 100% Quality Assurance. Further they provide as per the requirement & specification of their customers. Definitely a thumbs up”


“Quality Products of Powerful Build Filler Wires. Top Class materials with Genuineness of Believes..”


“A good company with futuristic view,which makes quality monel products and also giving our nation a boost in its economy, superb quality products with good infrastructure.”


“One of the largest exporter of welding electrodes. A brand you can trust blindly”


Latest News and Announcements

To contribute to the success we have established processing and commercialization alliances with of international stature companies. Our company has a vision of expansion and of growth even greater, we hope to start with exploration processes in different areas of some countries, a plan that will be carried out in the shortest possible time, in order to obtain the necessary raw material at a lower cost and so improve our profitability.

However, we are a company that thinks about the environment and we implement policies that allow the conservation, sustainability and sustainability of the planet Earth.


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The best Monel suppliers, Hastelloy suppliers, Filler Wire suppliers, Welding electrodes suppliers in India


Supplying High Nickel Alloys

We supply Monel, Hastelloy, Filler Wires & Electrodes in various material, forms and specifications.

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