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Supplying & Exporting Hastelloy worldwide

India is a country located in the Asian continent, has an emerging and consolidated economy and an extensive natural wealth, by this it was selected as the epicentre of our company High Nickel Alloys. Among the different metallic products that we commercialize, is the Hastelloy, being our company one of the biggest Hastelloy exporters, Hastelloy Tubes Suppliers, and Hastelloy C22 Suppliers all over the world.

We are the most influential Hastelloy suppliers in the world. The Hastelloy is considered as a super alloy, its historical evolution begins in the 1940s, they were initially formed from iron cold forged, then they were consolidated cobalt-based alloys, as well as vacuum casting, reducing pollutants. As the years passed, processing techniques such as directional solidification and super alloys mono-crystalline were perfected.

Hastelloy Suppliers Exporters in India

Its name is derived from the name of the company Haynes Stellite Alloys because in the year 1920 it elaborated the nickel alloy, Hastelloy-8. And it took about 50 years for this material to be used in vehicles such as the Viking I and II that arrived on Mars. Then Hastelloy-C was created, which was widely used in the chemical process, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and energy industry.

We are Hastelloy suppliers, for its multiple applications in the National and International Market, especially for processing companies, in areas where they are subject to high temperatures, which require high resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Hastelloy Presentations

The Hastelloy has several presentations in the market, and they are specific for each purpose that is intended, however, our company offers the best products, with high durability and resistance. We are Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22 suppliers, Hastelloy X under the different formats:

  • Plates
  • Bars
  • Hollow bars (bushings)
  • Rods
  • Pipes

The Hastelloy excellence and applicability in any sector!

Our Hastelloy is a product of excellence and reliability, its special composition confers you multiple benefits that are used by all the industrial chains of the world, specialized in any area. For this reason, it is catalogued in our company as a stellar product and we are one of the most reliable suppliers Hastelloy.


  • For equipment of organic chloride processing.
  • Used by the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • In processes with acid halides or catalysts.
  • In digester and bleach areas
  • In the desulfurization of flue gases
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • In gas turbines
  • Aircraft engines
  • Nuclear reactors

We are Hastelloy C22 suppliers!

In our company we are Hastelloy C22 suppliers, is a variant of Hastelloy, formed by an alloy of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and tungsten. It is very versatile and has all the properties that the Hastelloy must possess, which were mentioned above.

Its chromium content also gives resistance to oxidizing media, while chemical elements such as molybdenum and tungsten, give it a strong resistance to reduction media. But one important fact is that it should not be used at temperatures higher than 1250 ° F.

We are exporters of Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22 suppliers, Hastelloy X under sheet presentations, plates, rods, tubes, connections, welding, electrode and wire, coupled with this, it’s found the facility of being welded.

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Chemical Properties of the Hastelloy

Ni Mn Fe Cr Si S C Co Mo P W V
Balance 0.50 Max 6.0 Max 22.5 Max 0.8 Max 0.2 Max 0.1 Max 2.5 Max 14.5 Max 0.02 Max 2.5-3.5 0.35 Max

Physical Properties of the Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22 suppliers, Hastelloy X

Presentation Resistance to tension (ksi) 0.2% Transfer point resistance (ksi) Elongation % Hardness (HRb)
Plate (.25”-1.75”) 112 53 62 89
Sheet (.038”-.15”) 122 63 54 93
Bar (.50”-5.50”) 115 55 60 89


  • It is used by the pharmaceutical industry for its property to prevent pollution caused by corrosion.
  • For the production of cellophane
  • For disinfection with chlorine
  • For the manufacture of Pesticides.
  • Systems dedicated to purification and incineration.
  • In flue gas scrubbers
  • Paper pulp bleaching plants
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Black Water Process

Our Hastelloy one of the best!

The Hastelloy is an alloy of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, is one of the most recognized products by supporting universal corrosion like no other alloy, in addition, it is one of the metals with greater versatility and strength, since for these characteristics is that it is highly valued in the market, and because of our quality we are the most reliable exporters Hastelloy.

Containing chromium helps it to have great resistance to oxidation media, while nickel provides resistance to hydrochloric acid, and molybdenum to aqueous oxidizing media, to oxidizing acids and to nitric acid.

Our Hastelloy, is an alloy with perfect resistance to a variety of environmental conditions ranging from metal alloys, intoxicated hot mineral acids, solvents, chlorine, seawater, brine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide.

It also has excellent resistance to different activities; when it should must be chop, to crack by traction of corrosion, receive lines of knife and onslaught in the area affected by heat. This material is resistant to pure sulphuric acid and several non-oxidizing acids. We are simply the best Hastelloy suppliers!

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